Custom Led flashing signs
Custom Led flashing signs
Custom Led flashing signs
Custom Led flashing signs
Custom Led flashing signs

Custom Led flashing signs

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LED Flashing Box/LED Dynamatic Flashing Box/LED Animated flashing box/LED Aluminimum frame lighting box

With very high brightness:2000 Lux

Pure good white colors

With Good fading colors

Can attract your eyes everywhere at day or night

NO MOQ Limited,NO High sample charges

Any size can be made,for the biggest size by one pcs is 122cm*244CM.

The newest way to make advertising

EL Lightin Industry Limited Led flashing box having following advantages:

1. LED flash light box is considered environment protection, energy saving, colorful and nice picture design.

2. Much better advertising than static light box, comparing with EL light box, it’s much higher brightness that come from inner, which is about 2000lux.

3. Long life time up to 50000 hours. According to clients requirement, it can be customized with different flash, light color changed, light fades in or fades out.

4. Good control system, and each can lead 15 ways different lights effect.

5. Aviation aluminum

6. Full thickness 30mm.

7. High brightness and low decayed SMD LED light, which can make sure the stability and durability.

8. For packing, using bubble bag, carton and angle bead, and wooden cages if by sea.

LED flash light box is such a difference from additional one, as the advanced technical of flash system, making colorful and be the most changeful.

LED flash light box can use RGB LED, Polaroid, cool lighting, making intelligentize display, fluentflash, showing beauty.

The following showing difference EL Lighting Industry Limited EL animated box and LED Lightin box

LED flash light box compared to EL light box



EL light box

LED flash light box


About 400 lux

Over 2000 lux

Light color

different dynamic colors



3mm-5mm,you can add frame

30mm must with frames


EL Panel can be rolled

Can save shipping fee

must with frames

Life time

About 5000 hours

About 50000 hours




So you can tell us which you like.

LED Flashing box

Including the following set:

The largest size we can make by one pcs is 1.22*2.44M

DC 12V power,Energy Saving

longer life time.

With flashing animated pictures too.

NO MOQ Limited,NO High sample charge.

The steps of EL Lighting Industry Limited making orders:

1.Inform us for the sizes and position of Power supply and types of Power supply.

2.Offering us the clear pictures,such as PSD or JPG High clear pictures.>

3.Offering animated pictures for confirming or you can tell us how to make aniamted mode.

4.After confirmed the animated mode.

5.Arrange deposit,then we can arrange production for your order.

6.Then arrange balance.

7.We can arrange shipment for you by air,by sea,by express,such as DHL and so on.

8.After sales service