A2  Standard led dynamic lightbox
A2  Standard led dynamic lightbox
A2  Standard led dynamic lightbox
A2  Standard led dynamic lightbox
A2  Standard led dynamic lightbox
A2  Standard led dynamic lightbox
A2  Standard led dynamic lightbox
A2  Standard led dynamic lightbox
A2  Standard led dynamic lightbox
A2  Standard led dynamic lightbox
A2  Standard led dynamic lightbox

A2 Standard led dynamic lightbox

  • 品牌 ShineWin DLGD-FM
  • Color 4c
  • Origin 工厂地址: 深圳 宝安区 福永镇 和秀西路26号 松发工业园 B2栋四楼

一、LED  Introduction of dynamic screen light box 

        --------Get your ads moving!! Highlight brand advertising value! 

1 Led advertising screen dynamic light box is the subversion of traditional advertising light box innovation 

product it by standard Led backlight unit joining together into any size, advertising screen panel control 

dynamic flashing model. The program can change at any time, as long as the replacement of the picture 

content can be dynamic and energy saving, low cost, the effect is good. Good is an upgrading generation 

of traditional advertising light box package it will be a normal static advertisement picture made a vivid 

dynamic lifelike effect of a dynamic form of flashing light box 

2 car four-wheel rolled, flowing water of flashing text Pattern of light and shade on the gradient of with 

LED backlight unit board programming can behave more eye-catching, dynamic identification card is more 

flexible than the average print ads can make ordinary products immediately become the focus of visual 

3 traditional pictures fixed light box, because every time can only show a static image. Ability to attract 

consumer attention is very limited and innovation more screen flashing movement or flashing constantly 

changing images, visual impact is very large. Easy to catch their eyes which are traditional photo images 

of fixed light box can not reach

 Case picture display:

 二、LED Dynamic screen light box product details

  1. Product name :LED dynamic light box flashing advertising light box

  2. brand: ShineWin 

  3. type:DLGD-FM

  4. Size: customized

  5. Material: aluminum alloy LED backlight panel programming control card advertising screen

  6. Border color: black, silver, gold, white, custom color.

  7. light:SMD LED

  8. Input voltage: 100-240v working voltage: 5-24v

  9. Certification:ROHS、CCC、CE

  10. Origin: shenzhen, China

  11. Packing: bubble bag, pearl cotton, corrugated box, wooden frame

Product details picture display:

 三、  application

Supermarket stores stores in the center of the underground commercial exhibition bestStudios home decoration 

heart bridge construction in the design of architectural decoration design institute of sarft product auto exhibition 

gallery museum library stadium gallery exhibition opera the adornment of the university hospital of secondary 

vocational schools bank insurance securities propaganda conference center exhibition center registration center 

municipal engineering department store chain supermarket shopping mall jewelry selling cosmetics chain fast food 

chain drinks alcohol and tobacco trade Medicine chain stationery center boutique center furniture center home appliance 

wholesale musical instrument monopoly advertising and promotion project hotel restaurant restaurant villa tea house 

teahouse western restaurant cafe cake west cake house bar karaoke hall ballroom sauna beauty salon fitness room health 

care hospital wall painting beautification project

四、About us

Shenzhen dole photoelectric co., LTD. Is China's leading high-end brand light display props solution manufacturer, is 

committed to high-end brands provide customers one-stop comprehensive personalized brand display solutions, with 

flashing light advertising light box display creative presentation props and so on the many kinds of products form as 

the carrier, on the basis of craft quality. To show the customer brand glamour, enhance the customer brand value Dole 

photoelectric founded in 2004, is specialized is engaged in the flashing billboards, ultra-thin light boxes, LED electronic

 light-emitting products, acrylic and terminal display products development, design and production of professional factory 

main product categories are flashing screen box, electronic display screen, dynamic light emitting display box packaging,

 acrylic display products, luminous sign, ultra-thin advertising light boxes, lights and lighting source, terminal display exhibits, 

Brand demonstration props, street lamp advertising machine, etc., exported to Europe, America, southeast Asia, Middle East, 

Oceania and other more than 50 countries and regions. We have a number of senior management and technical personnel; 

We have advanced production technology and equipment to ensure the quality of products and market competitiveness. 

The most important thing is that we have a strong ability to develop new products independently. We sincerely hope to 

establish a long-term and close cooperative relationship with domestic and foreign merchants.

五、company address

Shenzhen du le optoelectronic co., LTD. 

Factory address: 4th floor, building B2, songfa industrial park, no. 26, hexiu west road, fuyong town, baoan district, shenzhen

Tel: 0755-27317837

Fax: 0755-27317028

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