LEDFlashing Light Box
LEDFlashing Light Box
LEDFlashing Light Box
LEDFlashing Light Box

LEDFlashing Light Box

  • 品牌 ShineWin DL-L1001
  • Color 4c
  • Origin 工厂地址: 深圳 宝安区 福永镇 和秀西路26号 松发工业园 B2栋四楼

一、LED Ultra-thin flashing light box

--------Get your ads moving!! Highlight brand advertising value!

1、LED Ultra-thin flashing light box is an LED flashing light box controlled by IC program. As an original 

advertising media, it is a kind of flashing light box which makes a common static advertising picture into 

a vivid, dynamic and lifelike effect

2、Automobile four-wheel flying, the flashing of flowing water text and other flashing signs through LED 

can be more dynamic and eye-catching, more flexible than the general print advertising signs can make 

common products immediately become the focus of vision

3、The pictures stationary traditional light box, because every time can only show a static image. Ability 

to attract consumer attention is very limited and innovation more screen flashing movement or flashing 

constantly changing images, visual impact is very large. Easy to catch their eye which are traditional pictures 

of fixed light box can not reach


二、LED Ultra-thin flashing light box product details

1.  Product name :LED ultra-thin light box advertising light box

2. Material: aluminum alloy light guide plate

3.Color: various colors

4.Size: various sizes

5. type DL-L1001

6.Certification ROHS、CCC、CE

7.input voltage 100-240V  working voltage 6- 12V

8.IBM : ShineWin 

9.Origin: shenzhen, China


      三、Package and Transportation

1、Bubble bag corner protector corrugated carton

2、Payment method: 50% down payment, 50% balance before delivery

3、Delivery date: according to various products customized delivery date contract


   四、Case application

1.It works best at a show in a supermarket

2.Therefore, she maximizes the space utilization rate, beautifies the environment, saves the transportation cost, 

simplifies the installation procedures, and broadens the application scope, especially in the environment with 

severe requirements for space use, such as: public passageways in elevators, shopping malls, supermarkets, 

subway stations, etc., which is the most ideal place to use ultra-thin light boxes

3.Exhibition hall museum library gymnasium art gallery exhibition hall opera house university secondary vocational 

school hospital bank insurance securities decoration publicity project

4.Convention center exhibition center certificate center municipal engineering department store chain supermarket 

shopping mall jewelry jewelry specialty cosmetics specialty beverage trade tobacco and wine trade specialty fast food 

medicine specialty stationery center boutique center furniture center home appliance wholesale musical instrument 

specialty advertising and promotion project

5.Municipal plane lighting system square, ground light project park, scenic spot introduction, project, local lighting 

association, project, community bulletin board, project, shelter, project, bank, self-help, withdrawal, project, telephone 

booth, project, electricity emergency, construction, exhibition, airport passage, subway station, exit, etc

6.Hotel restaurant shan zhuang teahouse restaurant cafe cake west cake house bar karaoke hall ballroom sauna beauty 

salon fitness room health care hospital wall painting beautification project

7.The home was beautified and used as a night light

      五、About Us

      Shenzhen dole photoelectric co., LTD., founded in 2004, is a professional engaged in Led flashing advertisement sign, 

Led flashing light boxes, Led ultra-thin light box, EL electric chilling light series product development, development and 

production of professional factory main product categories are ultra-thin Led flashing advertising light boxes, Led flashing 

light-emitting display box packaging, Led terminal display, acrylic light box, Led sign, Led aluminum frame light box, The 

company's patented products -- LED flashing billboards (patent no. : 201420675414.x), Set the led flashing luminous body 

induction speech ultra-thin fashion. Is a revolution of advertising light box display. Let show brands stand out immediately.

 Especially suitable for industry brand show to promote their products in a variety of business places. The led flashing 

light-emitting display box packaging (patent no. : 201520210628.4) is the terminal stores display industry brand, advertising 

campaign has been the best way to show your brand to create a new visual system, hatched

五 、Company address and contact information   

Shenzhen du le optoelectronic co. LTD.

Factory address: 4th floor, building B2, songfa industrial park, no.26 hexiu west road,

 fuyong town, baoan district, shenzhen Tel: 0755-27317028

Tel: 0755-27317028 


QQ: 825353401; 

official website: www.adlightbox.com

Ali Chinese official website:   Http:// adlightbox.1688.com

Email: [email protected]