Conventional card dynamic light box
Conventional card dynamic light box
Conventional card dynamic light box
Conventional card dynamic light box
Conventional card dynamic light box
Conventional card dynamic light box

Conventional card dynamic light box

  • 品牌 闪赢 Led卡布灯箱
  • Color 4c
  • Origin 中国深圳

一、Large LED advertising flashing light box

Customize all kinds of LED dynamic luminescent products

       -- get your ads moving!! Highlight brand advertising value! 

1 Led advertising screen dynamic light box is the subversion of traditional advertising light box innovation 

product it by standard Led backlight unit joining together into any size, advertising screen panel control 

dynamic flashing model. The program can change at any time, as long as the replacement of the picture 

content can be dynamic and energy saving, low cost, the effect is good. Good is an upgrading generation 

of traditional advertising light box package it will be a normal static advertisement picture made a vivid 

dynamic lifelike effect of a dynamic form of flashing light box 2 car four-wheel rolled, flowing water of 

flashing text Pattern of light and shade on the gradient of with LED backlight unit board programming 

can behave more eye-catching, dynamic identification card is more flexible than the average print ads 

can make ordinary products immediately become the focus of visual 3 traditional pictures fixed light box, 

because every time can only show a static image. Ability to attract consumer attention is very limited and 

innovation more screen flashing movement or flashing constantly changing images, visual impact is very 


Easy to catch their eyes which are traditional photo images of fixed light box can not reach


二、Large LED screen light box product details  

   Dynamic light box product name: LED flashing advertisements

  1. on brand: flash win ShineWin

  2. models: DLGD - FM

  3. size: custom type

  4. material: aluminum box, weather resistance, no corrosion, ultra bright LED SMD5050 array, waterproof, waterproof 24 v power supply

  5. border color: black, silver, gold, white, custom color.

  6. Source: SMD LED

  7. input voltage: 100-240 - v

  8. working voltage: 24 v 5 -

  9. certification: CE ROHS CCC certification of

  10. origin: shenzhen, China

  11. packing: Bubble bag pearl cotton horn protector corrugated carton wooden frame carton


  1. 在地铁、商业中心、超市、卖场、专卖店、展会效果最佳。 2.婚纱影楼、家居装饰、建筑装修、设计院、规划院、产品设计中


  2. 展览馆、博物馆、图书馆、体育馆、美术馆、陈列馆、歌剧院、大学、中学、职校、医院、银行、保险、证券的装饰宣传工程。

  3. 会议中心、展览中心、办证中心、市政工程、百货公司、连锁超市、购物广场、珠宝首饰专卖、化妆品连锁、饮料贸易、烟酒


  4. 酒店、宾馆、餐厅、山庄、茶馆、西餐厅、咖啡馆、蛋糕西饼屋、酒吧、卡拉OK厅、舞厅、桑拿馆、美容院、健身室、保健院


四. About us:

Delight company was established in 2004. Leading Manufacturer of LED Flashing billboard signs & Slim LED Light Box and T

erminal POP display over 13 years. Main Products are  Animated LED  billboard  Sign , Dynamic POP display, LED Advertising 

fla shing light box, Led Ads Screen, Transparent led displays, Led flashing Package box, Slim LED Light Box, A crylic Display

Terminal display stand, Led signs, Led lights.

Dynamic Led advertising light box  is a revolutionary product to display billboard!!! Attractive LED flashing effect, Logo flashing 

step by step, more vivid and impressed, LED backlit panel, repeated programming, cyclic utilization, environmentally-friendly, 

For it looks much more eye-catching and really an exciting can be better advertising the projects by it’s flashing and high bright 

effect. Suitable for all need to show spaces, Such as shopping malls, supermaket, brand promotion, company showrooms, stores 

and so on..

五. Company contact


Factory Add: 4/F,Bldg B2,SongFa Ind,No 26,Hexiuxi Rd,

FuYong Town, BaoAn Dist,

Shenzhen, GuangDong


Website: (Update and modify…)


Email: [email protected]

Whatsapp: +86 13925265252

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